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Ultimate City Guide on Real Estate Investment

In this article called Izmir home, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Izmir. Those are:

  • Is Izmir a good choice of place for investing in real estate?
  • What are the best neighborhoods to invest in real estate in Izmir?
  • What are the most socially active districts in Izmir?
  • Are there international schools/hospitals in Izmir?

About Izmir and home market

Izmir is the third most populous city of Turkey with its 4,367,251 population after Istanbul and Ankara. This number lives in total of 30 districts which are divided into 1,297 neighborhoods. The mesmerism beauty of Izmir comes with 3000 years of urban history and more than 8500 ancient settlement since the Neolithic period.

However, it would be unfair to attempt to dive into its unique history in this article as we cannot manage to cover it all. Thereby, we will directly lead in the value of the city in terms of its real estate potential.

Suffice to say that Izmir is one of the most desirable provinces Turkish buyers along with foreign investors prefer. The warm Aegean coastal city with high standards of living allow certain lifestyles to co-exist together in harmony. If we are to compare the city to Istanbul, we could say Izmir feels spacious in terms of its population and more comfortable in terms of accessibility and the laid back lifestyle. It is important to note that what we mean by laid back is not to say that the life is slow. It rather means that there is tranquility and joy when you need it.

The city is full of hardworking people with a hustler mindset. The level of education is definitely high. People are amicable and will offer a hand when they think it is needed.

Attractive city

Being one of the most important trade, tourism and art centers of Turkey, Izmir has always been a desirable spot for the upper class for many years. Many of the elites prefer Izmir coastal for their summer holiday homes. Çeşme and Urla are very popular holiday destinations for Turks. Although these places are considered upper class, more expensive as a result, they manage to attract thousands of people every year.

There are nine universities in the province with many private colleges and high schools as well as the state educational institutions with low annual fees. Being a home to several institutions makes Izmir inviting not only for mature audience but for young people from all around the country and the globe.

Real estate and home buyers increasing

As much as we love Istanbul deeply, we know that it is a overpopulated capital that some people might not be interested in. For those people who value serenity yet they can’t seem to choose between country or the city, Izmir is the right option for you. It is a metropolis with efficient working life and entertainment opportunities such as art galleries, concerts, high end clubs, enormous shopping centers and expeditions. Yet, you will not spend endless hours in traffic, waiting in line here and there like you would in Istanbul.

You find great value for your money and if you strategist well, you will sure receive good rental income off your investment, too. Izmir home buyers love the city for these very reasons.

Desirable districts for home buyers

Izmir Province is composed of 30 districts as mentioned earlier. However, there are 11 central districts and these are; Balçova, Bayraklı, Bornova, Buca, Çiğli, Gaziemir, Güzelbahçe, Karabağlar, Karşıyaka, Konak, and Narlıdere.

Konak is considered the very heart of Izmir. The famous neighborhood called Alsancak is located in Konak district. The properties facing the sea along the sea cordon in Alsancak are some of the most expensive properties in the Western Turkey.

One of İzmir’s largest settlements, Karşıyaka; It is among the most beautiful regions of the city with its lively life, ease of transportation and its unique cultural atmosphere. Many of the elites opt Karşıyaka for their property investments. On top of that, it is such a delightful place to live with its central location right by the Aegean Sea and its amicable and sophisticated residents.

Güzelbahçe is for those who like to live in luxury in nature. Güzelbahçe literally means beautiful garden. But it is important to note that its location is 30 minute drive away from Konak, city of Izmir. It is very suitable for real estate investment as the land is not overly occupied like Konak, for instance. In 5 to 10 years time, the value of property is expected to increase by around %20.

Bostanlı is one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir with its different and quality places, calm and peaceful streets, exquisite view and sea. Bostanlı, which is a calm and peaceful place, is among the livable districts of the city with its advantages that will provide convenience in terms of transportation. It is the perfect spot to buy a home for investments because the rental demand is very high.

Bornova has the highest young population rate as it is home to various universities and schools. Some of the most prestigious hospitals are also located in Bornova. Moreover, the district offers colorful streets with bars, pubs and restaurants. The rental demand is also high because of the students and the working class.

If you are into water sports such as surfing and diving, then Çeşme is the place for you. It is not one of the central districts yet it is one of the most beautiful ones among all. Finding a home in Çeşme is getting more difficult by the day because of high demand and smaller land size in general. But if you do manage to find a house that you like, Çeşme is an excellent resort district that offers more than beautiful beaches, clear sea and delicious wine & dine spots.

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