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Turkey is now becoming a hub for domestic and foreign investors, with significant economic and other progress. Alanya is one of the cities in Turkey that is becoming a multinational city due to the interest of many investors to buy a house in it.
As you know about Alanya, this city is part of Antalya and this issue has caused many tourists and investors to invest in Alanya due to its increasing growth and also the presence of Gazipsa International Airport which has caused transportation. It can be done easily and directly from Alanya, which is very important for foreign investors.

In this article, we want to provide you with the information you need to buy a home in Alanya.

  1. Lifestyle, beautiful nature and quiet beaches

A large part of Turkish nature is located in Alanya and it can be said that the mother of Turkish nature is Alanya. Due to the large forests and beautiful beaches around it, which is full of beauty, life and enthusiasm, and is a good place for a beautiful, dreamy and relaxing life for many families. By buying a house around one of these beaches, you can start your life like the dreams you always had in your head. Alanya is a great destination for summers where you want to spend peace and quiet in your purchased villa.

  1. Low property prices in Alanya

Property prices in Alanya are lower than in other Turkish cities, although Alanya is very popular with foreign investors. With so much interest in investing in Alanya property in recent years, the government is working to improve its growing economic situation and create many opportunities for a high standard of living for the people of the city.

  1. Low cost of living

The cost of living in Alanya is very low compared to Istanbul and it can be said that living in Alanya is half the cost of living in Istanbul. Investing in real estate in Alanya is similar and has made many investors more interested in investing in it than in other cities in Turkey. The price of renting houses, bars and restaurants, the cost of an entertainment in it, etc. is much cheaper. This is great for those who want to buy a nice house with a small capital and can be a good option with low cost of living.

  1. Easy transportation

One of the reasons that has made Alanya a favorite destination for many foreign investors is the existence of strong air and land transport lines.

Alana International Airport, which is considered to be the best domestic airport in Turkey, has made Alanya very attractive by transferring passengers on a regular and daily basis.

Having a house in Alanya, you can go and return to your country whenever you want, because in addition to an airline, there are also international water lines that make things easier for you. In addition, there are many intercity and intercity lines that are ready to provide the best services at reasonable prices.

In the previous sections, we mentioned some of the features that make Alanya a safe destination to invest in, now we want to introduce the neighborhoods that are suitable for investing and buying a house in Alanya.


Known as the Golden Child of Alanya, this area is perfect for those investors who are interested in having a house by the beach. This area is very popular with tourists during the summer holidays and you can give a very good profit from renting your house to summer guests. On the other hand, this area is close to Gazipasa Airport and is very good and convenient for transferring passengers, and you can get around your house quickly.


A very beautiful city that many tourists and tourists have very special and beautiful beaches and is twenty-five kilometers from the center of Alanya. The source of income of its people is through citrus agriculture. The local markets are very large and crowded, but the layout is such that this crowded crowd will never bother you.

By buying a house in this area, you will enjoy many benefits, such as easier access to citrus and its beautiful beaches.


Kargijak, 15 km from the center of Alanya, is located before Mahmutlar and is much closer to Gazipasa Airport than Mahmutlar. It is smaller than Mahmutlar and is a great place to start investing and live a normal life next to it. Despite the many bars and restaurants in this city, it is a great place for countless tourists who come to Alanya. However, this area is much less popular with tourists than other places, and this has made it a secluded and residential area for those who are looking for peace.

In this article, we have given you information about buying a house in Alanya, and now is a great opportunity to make new investments and save money and save the future. Contact our team for more information and tips to help you make the right investment.

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