Free Real Estate Consultancy

Free Real Estate Consultancy

Turkey is an extraordinary nation blessed with rich cultural tradition and an expansive real estate market, boasting stunning landscapes and affordable property prices that have attracted investors looking for investment properties there. Navigating these complex processes of property purchasing in another country may seem daunting at first, so to assist those interested in investing in Turkish property we offer our free real estate consultancy service as an added service to help guide them along their investment journey.

Our company specializes in offering professional guidance and advice to clients looking to buy or sell property in Turkey. No matter if it’s their first-time or an experienced investor’s property search journey – our team of real estate specialists are on hand to guide them successfully through this market.

Why choose Turkey for real estate investments?

Turkey is an attractive location for real estate investment for several reasons. First and foremost is its fast-growing economy – 5.9% in 2020 GDP growth rate making Turkey one of the fastest-growing economies globally and providing investors with ample opportunity to realize a return.

Turkey boasts a low cost of living, which makes it an appealing location for retirees and second home seekers. Property prices also remain significantly cheaper compared to European nations allowing investors to acquire properties for lower costs with potentially greater returns on their investments.

Turkey is an extremely popular tourist destination, welcoming millions of tourists each year and this high demand for short-term rental properties makes them attractive options for investors looking to generate additional revenue through property investments.

How Our Free Real Estate Consultancy Service Works

Our free real estate consultancy service can assist in helping you make informed decisions when investing in Turkish property. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Reach Out
The initial step should be reaching out to our team of real estate specialists; you can do this via telephone, email, or through our website.

Step 2: Consultation
Once our real estate experts receive your inquiry, one will reach out to set up a consultation where we’ll go over your investment goals, budget constraints and any special considerations necessary. During this meeting we can address all aspects of real estate investment from goals to finances to any requirements specific to each transaction that need be satisfied in detail.

Step 3: Property Search
Based on the information you give us, we’ll conduct a property search that matches your criteria. With access to properties all across Turkey — apartments, villas and commercial – our search can find homes suitable for you that meet these standards.

Step 4: Property Viewing
Once we’ve identified properties that meet your criteria, we will arrange viewings with each. Our representatives will accompany you as well as offer expert guidance at each viewing.

Step 5: Negotiation
Once you make an offer on a property, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to secure you the best possible price and terms. With extensive experience dealing with Turkish property owners and developers, rest assured knowing you are in safe hands when making offers to buy Turkish real estate.

Step 6: Closing
Once an agreement has been made, we’ll help guide the closing process to ensure all legal and administrative requirements are fulfilled and that ownership transition happens smoothly.

Investing in Turkish property can be both financially lucrative and fulfilling; yet complex and daunting at the same time. That is why our free real estate consultancy service exists: our experienced real estate team can guide you from start to finish through this complex process and help ensure informed decisions and the best deal are reached for. Contact us now to take advantage of this service and start your journey to owning the dream property of Turkey!

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