Turkey residence permit

Turkey residence permit

First off all you should consider that the concept of Turkey residence is different of Turkish citizenship. Be sure to determine which kind of residence is best for youCitizenship or residence permit in Turkey? The question is. Because many investors and purchasers in Turkey mistakenly believe that they can apply for Turkey residence and Turkish passport at the same time as buying property in Turkey.

Whereas getting a residence in Turkey through a property purchase can be an introduction this issue. Since our goal is to providing easy ways to meet the needs of our dear customers, we describe the types of Turkish residence permit and processes for applying for Turkish passport here.

Stages of getting Turkey residence

Tax code

obtaining this code from the Turkish revenue administration by attending there with principle passport and address of residence in turkey. (Your hotel can also be used as an address)

Medical Insurance

This is your health insurance plan. Please note that if you have one year insurance, you cannot apply for two-year residence permit in Turkey. To register your health insurance you must provide your travel agent with a passport and address to one of the insurance agent in Turkey. The duration of this is at least one year. Approximately 500 lire of one year’s premium is received from the applicant, which varies depending on the insurer’s amount


At this stage, you must register at the Turkish security, online. You must determine the time of your appointment according to the city you intend to stay in. keep in mind that you should supplying all the following documents before the visit. Otherwise, the processing of completing of your case will not be done.

Passport translation

You need to serve this document to the Residence Officer for a Turkish residence. Your passport translation in Turkish is available at any official Turkish office (Noter). The approximate cost is about 100 lire.

Contract for the purchase or rental of property

Providing a lease contract of a residence or a document of ownership of a property in Turkey plus four photos from the owner or tenant. (Note that if you have a lease contract, you must register it at the notary)

Print from turnover

Having a bank account with 4000 euros and presenting a statement of your bank account that proves you can handle your expenses for a year

Permanent residence of Turkey through the purchase of property

An individual who intends to reside in Turkey must be able to prove to the government that he/she has financial benefits, and no bad records. Therefore the applicant must have lived in the country for five years and show this records in practical terms.

Note that Turkey residence through the purchase of property is temporary. After five years, the Turkish government examines the applicant’s records and gives permanent resident to him/her. Financial ability is a certain amount of income that proves that the applicant and his/her family have been able to legally pay their living expenses in turkey.

Keep in mind that, during the five years, the person who has residence permit, can travel to any country frequently, but his/her absence should not reach 180 days.

Ways to get permanent residence in Turkey

Permanent Turkey residence is possible in a number of ways, in all cases, the applicant must have full mental and psychological well-being. Here are the most common and the most comfortable ways:


You can get a residence from Turkey by marrying a Turkish citizen. After three years of marriage, the applicant has the conditions for applying for permanent Turkey residence. However, in this type of investigative residence, a police investigation is carried out to prove that the marriage is real, the point is the marriage must be gotten with an individual who has a Turkish citizenship from the first.


Due to the specialty and profession required, registered companies in Turkey can apply for a work permit from this ministry of labor for the concerned person, and if the results of this application is positive for that person, one year of Turkey residence will be given to him/her. If the insurance record has been field for the applicant for five-years, she/he will be eligible for permanent residence in Turkey.

Buying or renting property

Currently Turkey has become one of the most prosperous economies in the world and over the past years, people have been spending billions of dollars of their capital on housing and investment in Turkey. This is the easiest way for people with financial strength to stay in Turkey.

The price of houses in Istanbul is an average of 200,000 lire, and in other cities you can buy at a more affordable price. By purchasing property in Turkey, the official document in the name of the buyer is issued on a permanent basis and the buyer takes part in the field and there is no time limit. Unlike some countries which purchase property with a 99-years-old document, the law of purchase of property in Turkey for foreign nationals is similar to the law for Turkish citizens, and the entirely document is delivered to the buyer and the document contains all the laws of the inheritance monopoly.

This option (property purchase) is very profitable and a very good choice for those who want to invest in a foreign country. Through this way, family members can obtain a Turkey residence permit. In case of non-sale of property in 8 years, you will be able to apply for a permanent resident in Turkey. Please note that by purchasing property in Turkey, in addition to permanent residence, your capital will increase significantly over the short period of time, and this is why many people keen to buy property in Turkey.

Also you can get a one-year stay by renting a property in Turkey. Our company, with having the full archive of the best and most equipped apartments and villas, are ready to respond and provide service to all of you. And also with official registration in Turkey, carries out all the affairs to the purchase of property with a fully legal manner in this country.

Education (Academic and student’s residence)

Another way that people can get residence permit in Turkey is to study at one of the universities in the country. To get this type of residence, first of all you must learn TOMER language, participate in the exam and get a degree.

Admission from educational institutions, of course, is also a precondition for granting this type of residence. This method of obtaining residence for those who intend to reside definitively in Turkey is also strongly recommended

Investing and registering a company

Just by the registration of a company you cannot entitled to a Turkey residence permit, But after receiving a work permit through a company registration, you can obtain one-year residency in Turkey. This method is one of the best ways to obtain permanent residence. By registering a company and keeping it active for five years, you can also enjoy the benefits of trading in the country, in addition to the conditions for applying for permanents residence in Turkey.

Tourist stay

One year’s tourist accommodation can be obtained by signing a lease contract in Turkey and endorsing this contract at one of the country’s registration office.

Number of room
Number of bathroom
Currency for payment
Amount of payment

Everything about Turkey residence permit

Step 1: Hold a passport of a country legally accepted by Turkey.

The list of the countries whose citizens can’t buy property in Turkey. If you are a citizen from these countries, you can’t own a property in Turkey:

·         Syria·         North Korea·         Nigeria
·         Armenia·         Cuba·         Yemen

If you are a citizen from these countries, there are some restrictions you need to beware of for buying a property:

·         China·         East Timor·         Israel
·         Denmark·         Fiji·         Jordan

Step 2: Find a property that meets the requirements to attain residency permit in Turkey.

You can purchase any type of property within any price range to apply for residency permit in Turkey. The Turkish Government gives freedom to the buyers who only want to apply for residency permit. To put it simply, the government accepts any applications whether you bought a property $40,000 or $300,000 worth.

Step 3: The title deed aka the TAPU

If the first 2 steps were in your favor, the third most important step is to register your property under your legal name. The title deed proves that the property now belongs to you. Most importantly, it is the most crucial step to apply for Turkey residence permit.

Step 4: Start your Residency Permit Application

Once you find your property and fully register your TAPU on your name, time to fill the pre-application form and send all the papers needed to Directorate General of Migration Management.

  • For permanent residency permit you will need:

  • Copy of the title deed
  • 5 passport size pictures
  • Deposit of $3,000 to any Turkish Bank
  • Passport copies
  • Petition


  • You cannot get the Turkey residence permit with a travel document. Effective since January 2019, a valid Passport is required to buy a property and apply for residency permit in Turkey.
  • There is no minimum purchase price you need to make to apply for residency. Minimum $250,000 is required if you want to apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • You can get Turkey residence permit for your family after purchasing a housing with only your name registered on title deed.
  • You can’t get residency permit for your parents. Only your wife/husband and kids.
  • For Family Applications You will need: The original copy of the Marriage Certificate apostilled by Turkish embassy. The original copy of Birth Certificate of all the children apostilled by Turkish embassy. All the documents must be translated into Turkish language by a certified translator.
  • The bank statement is needed to prove you have financial sustainability in Turkey. Good news is that it’s a petty amount of $3000. You must deposit the money to a local bank. The government will not touch your money as you can withdraw your money after the appointment.
  • All family members must fill the residency application form.
  • It takes more or less 10 days for Migration Management to approve your application.
  • All family members who applied for the residency must attend the appointment.
  • You can’t set your appointment date and time. You can notify us about your arrival time and period of stay in advance. We book your appointment in a way that collides with it.
  • The first residency permit can be held for 2 years. You can extend your permit as long as you keep your property.
  • Once you have your residency permit, you are free to open a business, purchase a car and attend schools. Additionally, you will not need to acquire a visa for any entrance to Turkey.
  • As long as you have no criminal past whether it is in your home country or in Turkey, purchasing a house %100 will guarantee you the residency permit.
Number of room
Number of bathroom
Currency for payment
Amount of payment
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