Turkish title deed

Turkish title deed “TAPU” process

One of the most important of our after sale services is guiding step by step in order to register Turkish title deed “TAPU” on behalf of our customers.

We as a caring and supportive agent always believe that, we have to work harder after selling the property to our customers rather than prior to it. Therefore we consider after sale services as a major part of our duties.

According to the article 35 of the land registry in Turkey, foreigners can buy their own property as well as Turkish citizens.

What is Turkish title deed “TAPU”

Tapu or the Turkish title dead is an official document which confirms your legal ownership of the property in Turkey. With the possession of this document you will receive %100 ownership of your property from the Turkish authority. So you should know that according to the laws of Turkey only the legal owner of the document has the right to transfer property to other one.

Turkish title deed “TAPU” – Document details

  • Detailed address of the purchased property (province, city, district, settlement, street, locality, block, floor and apartment number)
  • Photograph of the owner of the document.
  • Type of purchased property: the major types of property consist of land, commercial property and residential property.
  • Total land area.
  • Type of ownership:
  • KAT MÜLKIYETI: Indicates the right of the ownership to the land and the whole residential property in Turkey on it.
  • DERVE MULK: Indicates the right of the ownership to the land and also under construction residential real estate in Turkey on it.
  • KAT IRTIFAKI: Indicates the right of the ownership just for a short period in a year to have the property.
  • Value of the purchased property.
  • Name of the former owner and the reason of the transfer of ownership.
  • Name of the owner (or owners).
  • Date of the registration of the Tapu.
  • Date, signature and stamp of approval from local authority.

Registration process

First of all, after the buyer chose his desire property, an initial contract (preliminary agreement) is written and signed by both sides of the deal. At this moment, a part of the contract amount is given to the seller by the buyer. (Usually between 1000 to 3000 Euros).

Then the real estate company is obliged to refer to the office of Turkish title deed “TAPU” and Cadastre and open a new file for selling the property.

Ongoing procedure is as follows:

After preparing the transfer documents, the office of Turkish title deed “TAPU” and Cadastre send a message to the owner which specifies the date of signing and transferring of the property document.

On the specified date, owner and buyer refer to the office of Tapu, after paying the rest of the predetermined price they sign documents in the presence of the officer, so transferring of the property takes place at this moment.

*For foreigners who do not speak Turkish, presence of an official translator approved by the office of Turkish title deed “TAPU” and Cadastre is mandatory.

After signing documents, the original document is received by the buyer on the same day. It should be noted if the property is purchased as a power of attorney, original copy of the power of attorney plus the verified translation by the Turkish embassy in the buyer’s country should be kept in the file from the beginning.

Required documents for submission:

  • Two photographs of the owner
  • Turkish tax number of the owner
  • Original copy and translated version of the buyer’s (or buyers’) passport
  • Original and approved translation of the power of attorney (if necessary)
Number of room
Number of bathroom
Currency for payment
Amount of payment


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