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Since the real estate industry has grown significantly in Turkey over the last decade, it has attracted the attention of foreigners. Better prices and better situations, the variety and easy buying process, and many other issues have made Turkey a suitable place to invest


One of the most important our after-sales services, is your step-by-step guide, which is to get to the Turkish Title Deed. Since we consider our work to be more important and harder after sales, we will provide post-sales services in the main part of our duties. To this end, we will guide you to have TAPU more accurate and easy. TAPU is an official document that shows you 100% legal ownership of your property


With the facilitation of the requirements for obtaining citizenship of Turkey, there is more desire to investment, for foreigners. Financial and investment criteria are simplified and this makes things easier. To get to know all the steps to get Turkish citizenship, and get answers to your questions, for more information


First of all, it should be noted that the concept of Turkish residence is different from Turkish Citizenship, and you need to be sure which one you want and which one is best for you. In the following, we will explain to you the details of the steps taken to obtain a Turkish residence. Also, the ways that help you get to your goal as quickly and easily as possible are described.


For those who want to study in Turkey, have received the Turkish residency or have immigrated to this country, it’s important to know that, how much the cost of living in Turkey. But there is no worries. You can easily contact us and our specialists will explain this, completely and in detail, for details


One of the areas, that Turkey has been addressing and improving, is its health system. Now, according to the new law, all citizens must be covered by health insurance. In addition, we have described various types of insurance for you on the link below, and we will be there for you, to give you the necessary conditions in order to obtain each one

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We will scheduled a trip to visit our projects, we also standing next to you until you get your title deed, we will do every steps without charging you

Citizenship in Turkey by investment

Our experts will guide you to find the best way of investment in Turkey, we will help you to get Turkish citizenship and introduce you the best options of investment in order to increase your asset

Residence permit process

If you want to live in Turkey, there are different ways to take residence permit, for more information please contact us or read this article

Cost of Living Ranking in Turkey

Istanbul 93%
Izmir 90%
Ankara 83%
Antalya 81%
Mersin 69%
Adana 65%
Alanya 45%

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