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Istanbul Home 

As you read this article, you are probably looking to buy a home in Turkey and invest in real estate. Here we will give you information and guide you about the advantages and disadvantages of your decision.

Investing like this is a very big decision that requires enough reflection and knowledge in the field of investing its presuppositions.

As the historical and cultural capital of Turkey, Istanbul is a very old and historical city with a population of about 15 million and this city dates back to 2500 years ago. Investing in a house in Istanbul is one of the best investments in many ways, which we will mention in the continuation of this article.

Why should we invest in real estate in Istanbul?

  1. status

One of the points that should be considered when investing in real estate is to pay attention to the economic conditions of that country and its growth rate. In this regard, Turkey has had a relatively stable and growing economic growth and is growing economically. Istanbul is no exception to this rule and investing in it only because of its natural and unique beauty that attracts the attention of every h

According to new statistics released, the Turkish economy has grown by 4.5% in the first quarter of the year compared to previous years, which means that the country is making extensive economic progress and investing in it. The passage of time preserves the value of the investment as well as a guarantee for the future of yourself and your family human being. 

  1. Growth in real estate investment

Turkey has outperformed countries such as Spain and Greece in terms of housing investment growth, and this is a great opportunity and great news for those looking for a safe and secure investment.

According to research conducted in this field, considering a minimum investment as a criterion for comparison, Turkey due to its superiority in issues such as taxes, low housing prices, low rent housing, low cost of living, and The provision of appropriate citizenship services has been promoted to its previous level, and it is even higher than countries such as Portugal.

  1. Attract tourists

Turkey should be called one of the leading countries in the tourism industry. As you know, one of the most important plans of Turkey has been made for its tourism industry, and the Turkish government has created suitable infrastructures such as renovation and restoration of historical buildings and hotels. And luxury apartments by the sea with the best level and standard for living and creating very large and excellent shopping centers, etc. have caused significant growth in the tourism industry. Istanbul is the center of Turkish tourism and it is impossible for anyone who comes to Turkey not to go to Istanbul.
You will make a very good profit by buying a house in Istanbul and renting it to countless tourists who come to this city every year from several different European and Asian countries, as much as buying an apartment. By investing in Istanbul real estate, you will be able to become a Turkish citizen and relax in your beautiful apartment facing the sea whenever you want and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Low cost of living

The cost of living in Turkey is very low.

Although Turkey is a European country, the cost of living in it is almost half the cost of living in a country like Germany or the United Kingdom. Buying a home in a European country is an unfulfilled dream of many people, while with a small investment they could buy a home in Turkey and enjoy almost the same level of life, entertainment, education, etc., note That Turkey is growing and developing a lot economically, which will improve in many ways, as Turkey 2016 is very different from Turkey 2020, and it is its economic growth that has led to such growth.
If you invested in real estate in Istanbul four years ago, now by 2020 its value would have at least doubled.
It is not too late to think about your future and make a great investment for yourself and your family for 2025.

  1. Transportation center

Turkey is the center of transportation to other countries, both European and Asian countries.

Turkey has a very extensive and inexpensive transportation system in each of its cities, with which you can go anywhere you want with the lowest transportation costs. Extensive airlines in Istanbul, which are unpretentious with their coordination and order, will take you wherever you want without any hassle and with the least amount of delays.

This transport is very efficient and convenient for foreign investors in the shortest possible time with Istanbul.

In this article, we provide you with the most important questions you had about buying a property in Istanbul and the information you need to know. Investing in real estate will be very profitable for you. Our special team will be good advice for buying a property in Istanbul by providing services in the field of property purchase and tips and advice at the highest level. Get in touch with us.

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