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Covid in Turkey - Alanya Property Brand


How Covid 19 opened up new ways for property purchasing

Covid in Turkey as it has everywhere in the World forced us to change our normalcy along with new regulations in many aspects of life; therefore, real estate property purchasing was naturally among one of them.

The coronavirus, also known as, Covid-19 pandemic made buying and selling a home process complicated in the first half of 2020. Mitigation rules such as social distancing, temporary lockdowns, closed borders have changed the freedom of our mobility. Furthermore, it changed the way we think of our future.

General overlook in Covid 19 cases in Turkey

As of today counted numbers of Covid cases in Turkey, there have been:

·         1,78 million cases
·         458 thousand discharged
·         Around 16 thousand died

When we look at the collective global Covid numbers, there have been:

·         73,5 million cases
·         41,6 million discharged
·         1,64 million died

How novel Coronavirus opened up new ways for home buyers

According to a survey from United States National Association of Realtors, many individuals are adapting to new Technologies and embracing oversea property buying strategies, and not making any changes in their plans for buying property or selling a home.

Around more than %68 of the participants said that their plans to move out hasn’t changed. On top of that, majority of the buyers still prefer to go for home review along with their agent.

It was anticipated that the sales would drastically go down with the economy remaining precarious across the globe, the numbers indicated otherwise. People still bought new homes, relocated to another country and invested a great deal overseas.

Buying a home in foreign country during Covid pandemic

Buying a home in foreign country can be tricky even without a pandemic hovering around. So, it is perfectly normal to be skeptical or scared to buy a property outside your country. But, if you are determined to invest in another country, here are our 5 pro tips for you.

  1. Have enough knowledge about the foreign country you want to invest in

Do your research well. For example, if you desire to relocate and invest in Turkey, it would be great if you have visited the country before or it is possible to visit now. Internet is a great as a source of information but there are also so many false information floating around.

Turkey is rather safe compared to many European counterparts and many buyers are still showing solid interest in buying and owning a home in Turkey. Additionally, real estate investment for turkish citizenship is still on the table, which is a very in demand programme nowadays.

  1. Hire a specialized lawyer

Keep in mind that you will have to give Power of Attorney to your lawyer so that they can proceed all the paperwork for you in your absence. There are many well established law firms in Turkey that specialize in real estate purchasing for foreigners.

We always advise our clients not to overlook hiring a lawyer because we know that this will save you a lot of stress during your purchase, and our experience approves that.

  1. Work with Professionals and genuine real estate agency / agents

There are several ways to understand the level of professionalism of whom you want to work with. Building a relationship over phone can result in deep understanding between you and the agent and their work ethic. Beware of the ones who try to package everything as fairytales.

Don’t forget: it’s always the honest and straightforward ones are the best realtors.

Fort hat, don’t be shy to make calls, demand what you really want and be clear about your don’ts. And let them know if you can make any compromises of the qualities you wish to have.

  1. Be open-minded to online home purchasing

As long as you work with Professional companies, realtors, lawyers and developers, there is not much to be afraid of when it comes to online property purchasing during the pandemic. We have worked with clients we have yet to meet in person, and they are very well pleased about the services they have been offered and provided.

  1. Don’t wait on the ‘’better time’’ to purchase your new home

When it comes to buying home, there is one golden phrase we always remind our clients of is that ‘’never wait for a better time to buy your next home’’ because such thing doesn’t exist. You can hardly go wrong when it comes to buying and investing in real estate, even during a global pandemic.

Since the beginning of 2020, there was hardly any decrease in home property prices. On the contrary, there was an upward arrow indicating the increase sale price of properties in Turkey and many other parts of the World.

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