About Izmir

About Izmir

When you want to start living in a city, you have to ask yourself a few questions.

Questions like: city climate, job opportunities, population, living costs in this city, green spaces, People’s culture, political issues, etc.
If you want to live in Izmir, Turkey, I have answered the questions that are on your mind in this article, and by reading this article, you will get your answers.

Why Izmir

Over time, humans have migrated for many reasons. This migration has led to new cultures and language changes. The results of these migrations also include the creation of a city with several nations. In this article, we want to get acquainted with the city of Izmir.
The city of Izmir, which is on the shores of the Aegean Sea and is known as the jewel of the Aegean Sea, is in Turkey.


One of the reasons many people choose Izmir to live in, is the climate, which is mild for most months of the year. 
Winters in Izmir is not cold and you don’t have to pay a lot for heating equipment in the winter. It is a beautiful city with a temperate climate and beautiful pristine nature. The coastal city along the Aegean Sea, with beautiful beaches, pleasant night walks, provides excellent conditions for you to live in this city.

Transportation in Izmir

Intra-city transportation in Izmir is very advanced, and there are other means of transportation for this purpose, such as minibuses and buses, taxis and subways, ships and trains, and airlines.
It has been a subway for almost twenty years, and it is both underground and land-based and is used for intercity transportation.
With these shipping lines that are very affordable and varied according to the cost you want to spend, you no longer have to worry about arriving late to work or visiting and school and …

The markets

Izmir has many shopping malls and local markets, as well as many restaurants, cafes, ..
Here are some of the best stores in Izmir. Simple access to these stores can make life easier for you.

Malls in Izmir

Agora Mall 

This is one of the biggest shopping malls in Izmir and is almost eighteen years old, and no one can come to Izmir and not buy from this store. Many of the brands in this store will surprise you. You will find everything that you want in this big store, including all kinds of clothes for all ages, shoes, toys, books, and accessories, etc. You will also receive a lot of discounts.

Ege Park Mavişehir Mall

It is one of the very large shopping centers in Izmir, which is twenty years old and is a very well-equipped and magnificent store that has parking and game halls such as bowling alleys, amusement parks, etc.
In this big store, you can buy whatever you want and you will be happy with the variety of products that are sold.

Asmaçatı shopping center

Another shopping center in Izmir is the Asmaçatı shopping center. This shopping center has a very interesting and magnificent architecture.  It has a very interesting design on the roof. And there are places where you can sit and shop after shopping. There is also parking in this store. The cafes and restaurants in the store where you can relax and have coffee or food after shopping.

Kemeraltı Çarşısı

The traditional Kemeraltı market is a large and local market where you can find many of your favorite items. This market is very crowded and there are a lot of visits to this market. In my opinion, if you want to get to know the Turkish people a little bit and get acquainted with their culture, certain to come to this market because different classes of people come to this market and you can see their attitude and behavior, or the goods that they buy, you can learn a lot about their culture.

Medical Service and health centers in Izmir

One of the important  issues that many people who want to stay in a country face is the quality of medical services and agricultural facilities available in that country. Especially after the outbreak of the corona virus, the importance of medical equipment and services multiplied. Medical services in Turkey are relatively cheap.
It is much more economical than in Europe and the United States. This is a good fit for a very good quality of treatment. A very good number of medical and dental clinics and hospitals equipped in Izmir give to you this assurance in the selection of this city as their place of residence.

Tourism city

The tourism industry in Izmir is booming and attracts many tourists every year. Here are some of these areas that have attracted tourists from many different countries. Every year, many tourists from different countries come to Izmir and It is an ancient city with many historical sights. Every year, many tourists from different countries come to Izmir and It is an ancient city with many historical sights.


One of the great sights of Izmir is Alsanjak. It’s a very good place in Izmir for a living. A very old historic town with a pier where you can go fishing or sit around the pier and listen to a lot of songs. There are many hiking trails in this area of Izmir, there are many shops and many cafes and restaurants around the hiking trails. If you want to live in Izmir, Surely come to Alsancak, because the heart and center of stores in Izmir are Alsancak.

Izmir Clock Tower

There are clock towers in different countries, one of them is in Izmir, Turkey. The beautiful and unique design of this old tower attracts the attention of many tourists. The 25-meter-high tower was designed by a French designer in the early 19th century. At night, by turning on the light inside, it gives a very special beauty to the environment. This tower represents a very rich architecture that was considered during the construction of the tower. Many memorable photos can be taken near the tower because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. The pigeons around this tower will remind you of the Eiffel Tower in France.

If you are planning a trip to Izmir and you want to come to this tower, this tower is located in Konak Square. The parks, restaurants, cafes, and beaches around the port make it easy for you.


One of the most important and interesting historical attractions of Izmir is Asansör It will not be difficult for you to find it and you can go to this elevator after walking along with the clock tower. This elevator is located near the square Konak. The reason for building this elevator was due to the height difference between the two coastal areas and the Rafat Pasha area, and it was very difficult to walk on this sidewalk because they had to take a path with many steps. This elevator is very practical as well as historic. When you are on this elevator, it will give you a beautiful view of the city of Izmir.

Şirince Village

If you are looking for a place in Izmir that has delicious and handmade wines from different fruits, I recommend you to the old and ancient village of Şirince. It is a very old and historic village that has magnificent architecture and a very small population. If you want to eat in this village, surely go to Artemis restaurant, The restaurant serves local dishes that taste great.

After a little sightseeing in the alleys of this village, pay attention to the old architecture of the houses. There are beautiful local markets where handicrafts and medicinal plants are sold. A very beautiful and colorful village whose population has gradually decreased and has become a tourist village.

Buz dağ Mountain

This is one of the places that attract the attention of many skiers in winter. The height of snow in this area reaches three meters. Not only in winter also in the spring, but paragliding can also use this mountain to fly. All skiers come to this mountain and it is one of the main ski centers in Turkey. If you are a skier, or not I recommend you to come to the mountains in every season.

Troy city

If you have seen the movie Troy, you will visit the city of Troy in Izmir. A legendary battle which Homer, in his book Iliad and Odyssey, places the city of Troy. At the entrance to the city of Troy is the famous wooden horse, which Homer mentions in his book. You will see the beauty and glory of Greek architecture in this beautiful staircase building. I recommend coming to this ancient city.

Dogal Yasam zoo

The Dogal Yasam Park, which is a very different zoo and all the animals are out of the cage and it’s like each of them is living in a very beautiful garden and they can play and live in this zoo and Don’t feel like they’re in a cage. When you enter this zoo, you will feel that you have entered a forest and you will no longer feel bad. You can see many animals in this zoo and it is a very large and diverse zoo.

If you are a student, you will receive a good discount for visiting and there are days when visiting this zoo is free. Visiting this large and beautiful zoo is our advice to you.

Çeşme city

Çeşme city…..! Very memorable summer vacation will give you as a gift. Surfing, boating, swimming, sunbathing on the beach, etc… Are undoubtedly tempting. Walking through the streets of the city, eating local and traditional Turkish food, shopping in the city’s relatively cheap shops, and of course, many brands are sold in these shops, as well as buying local clothes and handmade jewelry, I suggest you that come to Çeşme city.

You may also be interested in why the name of this city is Çeşme, I must say that the reason for naming this city is due to the many mineral springs that exist in this city. There are good and famous hotels in this city that you can stay in, such as Situs Hotel, Sheraton Çeşme Hotel, and Piril Hotel.

Ephesus city

One of the most important historical monuments that had a lot to say in its time and were considered as one of the largest cities in the world is the city of Ephesus. Remnants of fifth- and fourth-century BC architecture, which are still magnificent, and the great mysteries behind the architecture’s history. Certainly, visit the Amphitheater Ephesus. A magnificent amphitheater made of large round boulders must have been the scene of many performances in this amphitheater. When you are walking in this ancient city, it’s as like as that you are walking in history.

How do I become a citizen of Izmir?

The purpose of this article was to get acquainted with the city of Izmir, but the important issue is how to stay in this beautiful city. For many people, staying in another country is both simple and difficult.

Do you need more information about Turkey? then visit  our Turkey home buyer guide page or read from this website.

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