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Alanya is a coastal city in the southern beach of Turkey, which is part of Antalya Province. Its GPS coordinates are 36.5444° N, 31.9954° E. This city is located east of Antalya by the distance of 138 kilometres (86 mi). This city has become well known to worldwide due to sandy and clean beaches, the crystal clear, deep blue waters and the excellent climate of the Mediterranean area. Typical Mediterranean town has at least 300 sunny days in a year and rarely the temperature gets less than 10°.


This is a peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea, in the north of the Taurus Mountains, on the left and right of these mountains, the beach is drawn to the side of the mountain, immediately after the coast line away, and the earth reaches the Taurus mountaintop. The highest mountain peak near Alanya is Ak Dagi with a height of 2647 meters.

Only in the spring these mountains are green, It is because of the grass growing on the mountain range and there are a lot of small flowers in it. The old city of Alanya with the name of Alaiye is located the eastern end of the Antalya Bay and It is settled on a peninsula of thick marble, and there is a Seljuk castle in it.

The old part of the city Vs The new city

The old part of the city retains its old status and includes tall walls with paved sidewalks, the new part of city is very modern with the new building and the stylish bars and restaurant so this city is a combination of old and new texture that give strong feeling of being in the old city and use modern facilities.


The city is heavily influenced by Mediterranean climate. Temperate in winters and hot summers are the main features of the region’s climate. In this region, the average of air temperature and rainfall is 21.4 °C (71F) and 1087 mm in the year.

On average, the warmest months of the year are July, August, October, and the coldest are January and February. The highest rainfall are due to January, December. The best months for swimming are in July, August and September. The best climate situation occurs in the spring season and the first month of the fall season, so the most of tourists choose these months for travelling to this district.

Because of proximity to the Taurus mountain, almost there is fog in the most of morning.  Also, in many days, seeing a beautiful rainbow with the background of the snow mountain top, makes a beautiful image of its creator, God, the Great.


Due to the high speed of development in this city, the population raising rapidly too. According to the population of Alanya in 1985 that it was 87080, the population at the last census of 2011 reached 248,286 (the number is 103673 in the district center) and is expected to now have a population of 384,949. One third of them are young so it can say that this is a young city. The European population has a record of 50 years in Alanya and is currently about 10,000 people, half of whom are from Germany and Denmark.

Surprisingly, the region has a 9 % share of the country’s total tourism, which is expected to reach 2,916,930 in 2017 from 32,410,034 tourists who have been traveled to Turkey. According to the available statistics, the participation of foreigners in buying houses in country is about 30% which this amount also includes Alanya, according to all the stuff mentioned above, and due to the cost of living that is low, the quality of construction is very good and having about 30 km of sandy shoreline so it gives enough reasons for buying house here.


The tourist industry and agriculture are two main sources of income in the region. However, due to the increase of population in this area, the demand for buying and renting houses has increased, as result construction and buying/selling of real estate has become to high-income jobs in this area. The upward trend in the housing market over the past few years have brought more foreign investors to the area, so has boosted this market, as result has produced a large number of quality buildings.

In the field of tourism industry, which has intensified more advanced since the 1980’s, the city has become present advanced city. A wide range of facilities with limited capacity has been changed and has increased its capacity. It has contributed to the strengthening of the tourism industry and the income of the residents of this region. Hotels are a first place in this subject.


There are plenty of cafes around the harbor that can be enjoyable. It hosts you every hour of the day. Varied delicious foods and fast foods will be Available at different prices for different tastes all around the city. The Turkish famous dishes that should be tested are Doner Kebab, Kofta, Manti, Eskander Kebab, Kanafeh, Borek, and durum. Also there are famous restaurants in the old city that apart from the good food they have, they have a beautiful view to the harbor.


On the two sides of the street towards the harbor, there are so many shops that sell carpets, textiles, leather, jewelry and colorful pots. On the way, there are painters across who ask to paint portrait. For those who are interested in jewelry, leather, shoes and spices, it is advisable to go to the old town shops. But if interested in new and glamorous shopping mall, be sure to visit Alanyum in OBA district that has cinemas and children playing area too.

One the most important market of fresh foods will be held in super market of this shopping mall every day, also there is a farmers market, but most popular take place on Friday and is commonly known as Cuma bazar.


There is a paving path at the end of the beach, which is very suitable for walking. Along these sidewalks, there are very beautiful beach parks, which have very beautiful green areas, many of them have a sports area that includes sports facilities and a suitable pool, and there are places to relax in the parks with a roof ceiling.

Alanya Districts Municipality

There are seven main district municipality in Alanya which have their own special feature are as below:

  • Avsallar
  • Cikcilli
  • Kargıcak
  • Kestel
  • Konaklı
  • Mahmutlar
  • Tosmur
  • Oba

The interesting thing about the upper regions is the unique flag that each one has, and been installed in the entrance of each region.

Alanya beaches

Kleopatra Beach

Sitting close to the acclaimed Alanya palace, its present day appearance as the ideal picture postcard scene makes it the most renowned shoreline in Alanya.

Damlatas Beach

The eastern piece of Kleopatra, shoreline mixes into the littler yet at the same time wide, Damlatas beach, which is most notably one of the few beaches in Turkey that is wheelchair friendly, numerous additionally swear that is the best place for snorkeling in light of the fact that the water is so spotless.

Mahmutlar Beach

One shoreline that has seen an emotional increment in prevalence throughout the most recent ten years is the 5-kilometer long Mahmutlar on the opposite side of town, around a 20-minute drive from Alanya focus.

Keykubat Beach

Beginning at Alanya town corridor and extending for 3 kilometers on the eastern side of the city, Keykubat shoreline is for the most part sandy albeit a few sections of the rough seabed are a disturbance. Local people have nicknamed it, the Bougainville shoreline in view of the wonderful blossom of the boundless bloom amid spring and summer.

Portakal Beach

Enjoying the beautiful background scenery of the Taurus mountain range, the 1-kilometre Portakal beach continues from the Keykubat shoreline.

Ulas Beach

Five kilometres west of Alanya, Ulas beach has always been popular with Turkish families because of the camping, parking, and picnic facilities. Many visitors from daily boat trips dropping anchor enjoy swimming in the waters. In contrast to different shorelines, there is a little extra charge to pay.

Incekum Beach (Avsallar beaches)

Situated about 25 kilometers from the downtown area, the 1-kilometre fine sandy shoreline of Incekum beach has likewise attracted a small gathering of hard-core fans, with its continuous extending however shallow ocean making it a perfect place for children to swim.


20 kilometers west of Alanya that is another popular swimming point for the daily boat trips.

Konakli and Demirtas

Konakli and Demirtas beaches are also out of the way, quiet havens for the sand, sea and sun fans.

Altogether there are an estimated 35 kilometers of beaches in Alanya. Many of the beaches offer a range of water sports and facilities. For children looking for more water fun, a great family day out is a visit to Aqua Park Water Planet, just 30 kilometers from Alanya in Okudzalar.

The History of Alanya

Alanya is very rich in history, which is dominated by the emperors of Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. This city is archaeological for boasting medieval castles, 13th-century statues and 16th-century churches. With such a marvelous past, it’s no surprise that archaeologists add to their tourists. Urban Element is a red tower. The shipyard and Alanya castle are other important historical symbols of Alanya.

The castle of Alanya

It was built in the 13th century and is like a beautiful crown above the peninsula of Alanya. This superb castle is surrounded by a 6.5 kilometer wall, with 83 towers, 400 cistern, an 11th-century church and other features of an old castle. To see this beautiful historic monument, it should be climbed 3.5 km from the hill.

However, seeing the coastline and Cilician Mountain while climbing the hill is another tourist attraction of this place, but there are vehicles for raising the tourists up to the castle, so there is no worry for those who are having difficulty climbing the hill.

The Red Tower (KizilKule)

The main symbol of the Alanya city, which is also painted on its flag, and the one of the ancient place that worth to see. A monument with five floors that it is made of bricks and marble, and has been built for defense purposes. Architectural wonders include blank columns for food storage. The gap between walls and uncovered terrace to accommodate archers.

Top of the city settled on the top of the tower where the panorama view of the city is visible, also it is possible to sit down on the terrace and use the coffee shop there. It is very enjoyable to see a complete view of the city when drinking. Its downstairs is very cool and it is a very good choice for summer hottest day, and there is also a great exhibition there.

The Shipyard (Tersane)

Other good examples of the Seljuk era include the shipyard, which was built by the rule of Alaaddin Keykubat the 13th century. The factory is located in the south of the red tower. The structure, measuring 56 x 44 meters (183 x 144 feet), has five arched and inter-connected galleries by the sea where big warships of the time were built. To get there, you can ride small boats. The entrance is free. There is a gun house near the Shipyard, where war cannons were built there.


Alanya Museum of Anthropology

It was established in 1967, was refurbished in 2012. The museum is divided into two sections, with displays of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts. It contains numerous ceramic, marble, bronze and glass pieces and mosaics from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

Herbarium museum of Alanya

It has been opened in Alanya in 2012 by Alanya municipality. There are 151 plants and 90 different insects. There are 8 endemic plants. Plants has been collected in and around Alanya and exhibited by in corporation with Gazi University.

Alanya Caves

If you are interested in seeing the natural caves, do not miss The Damlatas and Dimcay cave. On a boat tour, you will be able to see three other caves, the first cave, is a cave where all the space is pitted with phosphoric rocks, so it is known as the P-cave. Lovers and girls are the names of others caves in this area that pirates used this caves in the past as a girls prison to keep the plundered girls in it.

Damlatas Cave

This cave, discovered in 1948 during the construction of the port of Alanya, has been one of the most popular. The stalactite and stalactites of this cave are dating to thousands of years. The constant temperature of this cave is 22 ° C (About 72 degrees Fahrenheit) and its moisture content reaches more than 90%. For this reason, cave’s air helps to improve asthma, and this is what attracts more visitors to the cave. The cave has about 30 meters (100 feet) deep and 15 meters (50 feet) tall.

Dimcay Valley

In the north of Alanya, after passing through the Tosmur district, is a quiet area, which has very cool river even in the hottest days of the year, around the Dim-river there are many restaurants, bars, and great cafes in harmony with nature, due to all the above features and Also, the beautiful nature of this area, this valley being one of the most popular picnic in Alanya, where many people and tourists go there every year. Also Swimming in the natural pools of river water and fishing in the bed of this river are another of the entertainment facilities in the area.

Popular events in Alanya

There are many events taking place in this city. The Mayor of Alanya is very fond of bringing great and famous people to the city, such as American rock and jazz groups, and, therefore, makes the city more widely known in the world. Some of these event are as below:

  • Jingle bells again in Alanya
  • Art of Alanya opening the door
  • Polio end Alanya Rotary
  • International Alanya Cycling Festival
  • Welcome to food paradise
  • International Antalya Piano Festival
  • International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival
  • International Alanya Jazz Days


The most critical and effective association of Alanya in the realm of games, marathon begins in the second seven day stretch of each October at Keykubat Beach and finishes at the harbor. Notwithstanding that, another worldwide association is European Beach Volley competition, which is held at the incredibly famous Kleopatra (Damlataş) Beach.

Alanyaspor is the football club in Alanya district of Antalya province, represented by colors orange and green. Their football matches are played at Alanya Oba Stadium with a capacity of 10.842 people. Alanyaspor compete in the Super League of Turkey for the 2018-19 season.

Access to Alanya

Accessibility is one of the main features of tourist attraction in this area. Nearest and Fastest way to Alanya is Gazipasa airport that has domestic and international flights together so give direct and easy access to Alanya from anywhere in the world. The distance between Gazipasa airport and Alanya is only 30 minute by the car that is very close than Antalya airport with the distance of 2 hours to Alanya.

In each of these two airports, there are various means of transport for the transfer of passengers to Alanya, that’s just different in terms of cost. Shuttles are known as economic way to destination, it depends on time of arrival and amount of passengers, the vehicles chosen between bus and van. Another way to get to Alanya is by using of the reserved or airport’s taxi, with some more expensive, but more convenient, faster, and non-stop, you will reach the destination.

Alanya is located near the very important Turkish highway that connects all over the country to this town, so D400 highway makes the easy land trip from all over the country to this region.

Quality of Life

Living in a city that has at least 300 sunny days and the cost of living is low. And its banks gives a profit of about 12.5%. It will be great.

Alanya is also famous for its first-rate food products, so living in this place makes enjoying of high quality meat, vegetable and other products. There is usually a hotel in each region, which greatly increases the quality of service in that area.

Due to its good weather, many tourists stay in the winter and will leave their winter very relaxed because there will be no news of the summer’s bustle.

Alanya is a nightlife town with a lot of bars and nightclubs. Then, Alanya never sleeps at night. The area where the so many discos on it, is around the harbor.

Thing to do in Alanya

There are plenty of entertainment centers and touristic tours, which will be mentioned below:

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Furnished apartment in Alanya, Tosmur

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Fully furnished apartment in Alanya

  • €135,000
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Affordable home in Alanya

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  • Apartment, Residential

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